Islam2Jesus is a blog dedicated to you, the searcher for the Truth.

This blog was initiated by Christian believers.

The information you will find on this blog is a gathering of articles, movies, debates, questions, answers and comments that we found over the internet, in official religious (Christian and Islamic) publications, interviews and opinion of believers.

The spirit of our blog is the respect for the opinion of others and the freedom of dialogue. We encourage the debates and the argumentation pro and contra on the issues presented here, as long the users and commenters agree to the spirit of our blog.

Study Christianity and Islam!

  • Are Christianity and Islam worshiping the same God?
  • Are Christians and Muslims the same?
  • What are the main differences and similarities between the two big religions?
  • What do Christians believe about Jesus and what do Muslims believe about Him?
  • Are you a Muslim that want to know more about Jesus Christ and the Bible?
  • Are you a Christian and want to know more about the Prophet and the Qur’an?
  • Do you have questions that need answers?

Join us!
We appreciate any polite argument or contribution from Muslims and Christians as well.

Grace be to Jesus Christ the Lord, the God of our Fathers!

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